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Mustafa Günen (Englısh)



I have put a lot of emphasis on energy as you have noticed, and I will continue doing that because energy is the only evidence we have for the entire universe coming out of nothing to the realm of existence. At the same time, nothingness, which does not exist according to science literature, but is subject to curiosity, is the limit to what we call absence. What is even more interesting is that energy is the common ground for both those who say that intelligent design (God) created and those who say it came into being by chance. No view of existence disputes on the idea that the universe comes from energy. All discussions are about how the universe exists. That is why I say energy is very important. Of course, this energy that I am talking about is the energy before the Big Bang; the energy which is called the singularity. As I wrote in details in the previous section, unfortunately, it is unknown what this energy actually is.

Let me state this before starting the topic: the definition of “energy in singularity” may not be understood by many people. So, for the sake of clarity, I will use the term “raw energy” or “pure energy” for the singularity of energy, just like the case of ‘crude oil’.

As I mentioned before, everything that we call existent, including energy, is obliged to a beginning; there is a place or a time where it begins. Either it is existent in a fraction of a second or in an infinite time, it is obliged to have a beginning. As for energy, science does not give us a clear measure and time for the initial pure energy, but it tells us that it is of infinite density. Some physicists give scales such as the size of oranges or walnuts or chickpeas. There are also those who say that it is on even smaller, atomic scales. Let me quote from the book Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution written by astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith.

About 14 billion years ago all the space, and all the matter, and all the energy of the known universe was contained in a volume less the size of the point of a pin” (Cosmos, p.15). Therefore, it was very intense. Indeed, the common point of almost all comments about pure energy is that it is at infinite density, regardless of the size.

Then let me continue by asking the first question that comes to my mind. Did the energy gradually get its intensity, or did it exist directly as dense? This is a very important question because there are deadlocks regarding its density and how it got dense. First, let me state again that, according to the literature, pure energy is a closed system, that is, its input, output, increment, and non-decremental quantity is constant and it has an infinitely dense structure.

Now, let me go into the details about the existential structure of energy; and again, for the sake of clarity, let’s compare the energy with a constant intensity to a sealed full tin can. And suppose we somehow take this can to the starting point, the limit of nothingness or non-existence. What would happen there, what would we encounter? We would come to the limit called nothingness or non-existence, but we could not go beyond because there is nothing as beyond, there is no thing, place, gap, and there is not even nothingness. Of course, since energy is a closed system, its density and content structure would not change at the point it starts. In other words, the pure energy ‘can’ would have existed with its infinite density that will form the entire universe.

So, how could it have come into being in such a wholistic way? We only have pure energy; there is no space, nothingness, non-existence but that energy! Could this can have come to existence in a way like “teleportation”? Of course not! Teleportation can be done from one space to another; if there is no space, teleportation cannot be done

Let me clarify the picture of this situation. Let’s assume that the energy ‘can’ is a movie image that is shot from the start of existence. Let’s rewind the film frame by frame. In this rewinding you can only go all the way to the initial moment of the energy, that is the first frame. You cannot go beyond that, to the previous blank frame because there is no empty space beyond it, there is no blank frame of image! Therefore, the first frame of the film starts with the image of the energy ‘can’ and the same frames continue until the moment of the Big Bang. Well, is the problem over? No! Quite different problems and questions arise now.

In order to understand the state of pure energy with a constant quantity, we have compared it to a sealed can above, but there is really no ‘can’ that holds the energy in it. As I have stated over and over again, there is no space or field that contains energy. There is nothing but energy itself. This means that there is no barrier outside the universe while inflating in the Big Bang, and at the same time there is no external barrier in the state of pure energy. Thus, from the pure energy in this state, the Big Bang event should not occur. Because no matter what or how intense it was in its presence, there was no external factor that would prevent it, change its state and cause it to explode. Only energy itself existed then. So, its state would keep the same infinitely. The universe would not exist either! But it changed its state and exploded! How could this happen? First of all, for the pure energy to explode, there must either be something like a fuse with a timer, and when the time comes, the energy which is in passive state starts moving and explodes. Or, in common terms, the energy must be something like a coil spring that is suddenly released, or something like that, isn’t it?

I know you started smiling. You are right, such possibilities are designed mechanical devices. In other words, it is an intervention to energy from outside, by an external factor, and it is out of science. There can be no external factors because in the Big Bang model, according to many proven scientific data, we only had energy in the beginning. As I mentioned several times before, nothing existed other than energy itself.

In this case, since there was no space, a void, a place, there was not even non-existence. So, according to the available scientific data, only one explanation remains: “Energy formed itself out of a non-existent nothing at a non-existent space!” So, there is nothing but itself.

It seems that the topic of ‘existing out of nothing’ needs to be well studied. Studying the concept of existing out of nothing seems to be a part of the fields of philosophy and logic, but when science is involved, you will see that it is not so simple. I will go into the details of this topic in the next part. There are interesting details and conditions; you will read it with pleasure.

(Translated from Turkish by Semih AYDIN)


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